About Us

Peksan Plastik

PEKSAN is established in 1995 year as Plastic Injection Mould Plant with entrepreneur spirit of three brothers who have adopted same purpose and principles and PEKSAN, continuing to produce pet bottle and drum caps since its establishment is now going its commercial life on production of caps with up-to-date technologies after moving to its own facilities located in Yazıbaşı Torbalı village since 2000 year.

PEKSAN is gaining strength in time. PEKSAN, having totally 2 plants is performing production of good quality caps used for packing of products like food, detergents, glass bottles, cans, pet bottles, mineral oil etc with up to date technology machinery, equipment and automation system; cap design and mould production operations are also carried in line with special demands of customers.

PEKSAN, having a competitive and quality focused understanding, is targeting to be leader in bottle sector by introducing upsetting machinery of the latest technology to its organization. PEKSAN has developed its position in the market with a rising graphic in the time passed and by growing its place within the sector.


WITHOUT MAKING CONCESSIONS FROM QUALITY, we are providing servicesto our customers by exceeding their expectations at each time by following up innovations in the technology.

ADDING VALUE: to produce solutions bringing added value.

SUSTAINABLE SERVICES: to ensure sustainable services meeting most critical needs of the companies we are serving to enable their growth and strengthening.

ACCESSIBILITY: to ensure easy access to us whenever you need.

We, as PEKSAN, have very useful formulas for your business and we are developing our formulas continuously.

If you access to this website and remain long enough to read “about us” page, we knew that you are not an average one and you will be satisfied with ordinary works. We also prefer the same.


If necessary to list our main values;

  • To be customer centric and to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction
  • To be up-to-date, creative and open for change
  • To comply with legal regulations
  • Peksan respects laws, public order and general ethics.
  • Peksan respects human life, human rights and employee rights.
  • Peksan respects customer values and confidentiality.
  • Peksan respects ecological system and acts responsibly on protection of environment.
  • Peksan has equalitarian and participator management principles.
  • Peksan welcomes all customers equally and with trust in relations principle.
  • Operates with professional ethic and integrity focus not only for profit.
  • To develop and improve our quality management system continuously as a measure of service quality and performance