Our Quality Policy

Peksan Plastik

Corporate reputation of Peksan is based on customer and consumer satisfaction by means of providing products meeting or exceeding their expectations in order to be their preferred mark at each time and to ensure consumer loyalty and to protect brand value. In order to protect our reputation, we are committed to grow in a sustainable and profitable manner by efficiently applying our Quality Management system which defines standards for the quality of design, production of products as well as their delivery quality to our consumers and customers.


  • Each Peksan employee is responsible for quality. All of us have a role in product quality management and continuous quality enhancement and a passion to ensure a superior experience for our consumers.
  • To create a peaceful working environment by developing mutual trust, respect , love understanding and communication among employees and by eliminating fears,
  • To provide better services by believing that satisfaction of guests will be the future satisfaction of our employees,
  • To approach customer problems with attention and discipline through team spirit by adopting customer satisfaction and requirements as basic principle,
  • To adopt providing unlimited, planned services with top level standards at top quality and good humor.
  • To collect messages and correpondances received from customers and consumers efficiently and to implement an efficient system to respond the. To ensure taking proper actions for preventive and corrective measures,