Peksan Plastik

Peksan targets to protect natural life by means of production technologies used and to inherit a livable environment for next generations.

Our first priority is our customers. To produce goods and products for our customers, to response expectation with good quality and stability is our top priority. We own our products in line with this priority and we stand near our customers after sales.

To be always “the best” is our essential target. We are working to be the best in quality, services, supplier relations and product and good options and to protect our reputation. We are targeting to be the leader in our operating field by learning and getting force from past and experiences.

Basis of our business relationships is trust, good faith and understanding. We accept to be trustworthy, to act with integrity, good faith and understanding, to comply with laws and ethical laws not as a luxury but as an obligation comprising the basis of business life.

In consideration of our country economy, we are also following up “Export Increasing Policies” in order to compete in international arena as Peksan.

Most significant duty of us is to contribute our community. While realizing all of the foregoing, we are aiming to fulfill our economical, social and environmental responsibilities to today’s’ and next generations and to contribute our community we live in at various aspects.